Black women deserve better, Migrant workers deserve better. "Angels among Us" tab contains products which proceeds %'s are donated to organizations dedicated to their safety and health. All my greatest Love and resilience, Meg xxo

Illumine Being


Illumine Being is an exploration of the energetic spectrum display of human emotion through aura photography.

Megan's background as a Gemologist studying the trace colors in gemstones gives her a unique perspective of the inherent properties of color and light as presented in organic life. As a philosophy major studying the what it is to be human, she synthesizes this ephemeral moment in relatable yet enlightning  terms. This is a brief vision quest into your humanity as it meets the edges of our combined colorful humanity.

To inquire about booking send a note, breifly explain a little about your vision for your event. For example; day / evening, number of people, indoors / outdoor, how many hours and if you have a theme and volume level of environment.