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🌈 Illumine Being

It has long been my theory that we ~ Living beings~ are not of singular nature, we are not simply matter nor vibrating energy, we are the "Comminglment" of Matter +with+ Energy. Energy can be explained with precise scientific vernacular as neurons firing off pulses within a chain reaction of quantum biochemical engineering or in a metaphysical sense as E (energy) + Motion = E’motion aka Energy.

All energy has a quantifiable measurable frequency and this is picked up using Bio-feedback sensors connected to the camera equipment.

In viewing and translating the colors seen in your photograph I apply decades of research into how light / energy / color behave moving through a material to human behavior and You.

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To inquire about booking send a note, breifly explain a little about your vision for your event. For example; day / evening, number of people, indoors / outdoor, how many hours and if you have a theme and volume level of environment.


*COVID note - Not currently accepting bookings and am so looking forward to connecting when we are all safe.

Stay hopeful and warm xxo