Black women deserve better, Migrant workers deserve better. "Angels among Us" tab contains products which proceeds %'s are donated to organizations dedicated to their safety and health. All my greatest Love and resilience, Meg xxo



Cosmic Rainbow | 🌈Tears are Prisms 2017       🌈👁 r e a d i n g s ✋🏼 in these

Porcelain / Platinuman + Gold Luster                  I gaze your photographed palm                                                                              then render your translation                                                                              through my allegorical...  allegorical                                           

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Cosmic Rainbow | 🌈Tears are Prisms 2017

Porcelain / Platinunum + Gold Luster




🌈👁 r e a d i n g s ✋🏼 in these, I gazed your photographed palm then render your translation through my allegorical and alchemical symbology.

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