Black women deserve better, Migrant workers deserve better. "Angels among Us" tab contains products which proceeds %'s are donated to organizations dedicated to their safety and health. All my greatest Love and resilience, Meg xxo


I am a Gemologist, Fine Jeweler and Metaphysical Artist.
All of the art work you see freckled throughout JUPITER LALA is my own... born of my hands, through my heart, traveled through my mind, the years, the lessons and reflections of.

 I do not think of Jupiter Lala as a "brand" per se but more satellite orbiting me, transmitting my metaphysical allegories out to our world.

Through my art -Jupiter Lala- I explore and share the Universal allegories - hidden truths and harmonies - I see reverberating within and around us all.

I was a quiet kid, I drew, rode horses, and focused on my competitive figure skating. By way of a long winding story I grew up in Egypt and boarding school in England.
Upon my return to California I landed my first job, at a crystal shop in down town Palm Springs and for the next 15 years stayed in crystal shops throughout coastal towns while earning my Gemology, Jewelry Manufacturing Arts degrees and A.A. in studio art & philosophy. For the next ten years my expansion in minerals and jewelry had me working in a Tourmaline mine in Southern California to Diamond / Estate dealer in Beverly Hills before venturing on my own and creating Jupiter Lala.
In science I find a companion in curiosity and a devotion to seek higher truth regardless of my comfort. I find my own spirit and strength in questioning my existing paradigms in effort to challenge my own worldly perceptions, seeking always to raise awareness and consciousness.
You will see in my art and words parallels between laws of quantum physics and human behavior, you will see endless plays of spectral color as I believe chromature is how our universe (or multiverses) tells the story(ies), and exploration of the energetic spectrum of human emotion in my Illumine Being aura photography.