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Let's talk "VIBES"


We can begin by broadly defining this study then narrow our thinking...

Metaphysics is a very broad philosophy that studies the essence of a thing; it continues to ask “Why” where science leaves off.

 So for example: Science says a green photon is resonating at 525 THz (terahertz), Metaphysics asks what does it mean for a photon to resonate to 525 THz? Specifically in the case of my art & work, what is the relationship between all things emanating that frequency?

 When I say “all things” I am thinking about plants and their chlorophyll, I am thinking about paintings with overly green hues and the intent of the artist…to the minerals crushed to create the paint and their affect on humans both spiritually and if those minerals are used in vitamins or medicines…

 I am also thinking about the human energy field, our aura… how it is impacted by the humans experiences in our world and how that human will impact others energies with their own.

 Because of the exploratory nature and science based approach of my spiritual work, it is essential for me to honor all frequencies, and hold no prejudice to any one experiencing any of the more difficult ones… but rather find the nucleus that frequency derives from and how it may be beneficial to our well being.

 You will not see in my own interpretations to "raise your frequency", you will see me seek the contributing factors of your vibration and is it contributing to your overall well being.

Higher Frequencies are vibrating closer to their Spirit Star while Deeper Frequencies are vibrating nearer to our Earth Star, like all things there are both helpful and hindrances to either.

This is why I believe we are best served working and analyzing adjacent to science. Truth is neutral, it is not dogmatic, it is the steady hand that helps keep us honest.

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Meg xo