Slowly, like an evolution, changes are reckoning here. Newsletter will emerge in process. With Love, Megan

The "Void" is not empty...

🦋 Artists & Creators are always talking about "the Void" 🕳 we are now all in it together.
Simply explained a Virus is genetic code (DNA & RNA) and protein - it's function is to "change" its host. Getting deeper in bio-med some believe they are their own life form, others the "edge of life" all agree they have played a critical role in our genetic diversity.
We are now changing… classes have moved online, jobs, smog over cities slowly dissipating, some are learning to make bread for the first time, others leaning to sew seeds.
We are all in this VOID together. It's a misconception that the void is a barren place. It is anything but, the void is the richest space in the universe of the "un" or "just barely created" awaiting shape and form through our own experiences there.

How this time has changed me so far both in tangible ways and others not so...

The greatest change has been the closing of my very short lived store. A space I have dreamed of for nearly 20 years. The main reasons of course are health related, I have what my cardiologists deem a *life threatening* condition (well, 2). We do not know when there will be treatments or vaccines. I don't feel there is much we will miss more than our health or our very lives. Of course I am sad, I am also human so the air of failure I feel surrounding me adds to my sadness.

                      Yet I am a person who finds fragments of glory in failure...


And with my notebook in hand and my motto harnessed in heart I will seek those new and next skies and heights.

The space we are in together is rich and full of life. I am hoping to get back to my monthly news-lettering soon, you can stay in the loop here.

Great warmth always,

Meg xxo