Slowly, like an evolution, changes are reckoning here. Newsletter will emerge in process. With Love, Megan

Notes on "wholeness"

Today and lately I have been reflected on wholeness, how to make ones self whole again. I am not looking at how we become shattered, that is so many stories, feelings and I want to think about gathering up all the pieces and holding them.

Much like when we pack our homes up to move yet first we need to take it all apart and fit all the pieces into something that will make sense to us on the other side.

I have so many lives, so many fragments... I grew up in Hidden Hills, Ca, I grew up in Egypt, in boarding school, I am an artist, I am a scientist, I tend toward the poetry of the metaphysical mechanics of our universe. 

All this appear like a jumble yet has a singular source, me. So, slowly, deliberately I gather my pieces and hold them and attempt to configure them to make sense to you.

My art is a comminglment of the natural world and my own metaphysical perspective from studying the functionality of color in gems and flowers.

I begin with "Her". She is the night, the day, the longing, the void, the growth and the new day. She stares back into you with a little bit of you within her.

In her original form she is a painting I have gifted to buyers of jewelry and art, she will now stand in emblem of all my meaning as logo.

Brewing in the background is my devout Love for Gemology I am rather quiet about. I am a 15 year Gemologist, I trained under the worlds greatest, I worked in a mine and have lectured on my metaphysical observations to the worlds greatest crystallographers.

Why have I been quiet? It's a complex mix of humility, dogma, ethics and ageism. As the crystal fascination exploded over the last decade I initially was excited that my life work was becoming a "thing", that rapidly dissipated. As the trend grew so did the dogma, there is a LOT that is very real and true about gemstones and there is an awful lot of nonsense. I feel that is dangerous, misinformation is always dangerous - as we have learned but the egos inability to let it go is unstoppable. Along with this trend explosion / dogma we are seeing mining at an all time high and this is problematic for our earth and the people of whom this land is their indigenous home.All this with that I am a middle aged woman, which I Love and very grateful for, but our culture really only hears young folk. My 25 years of experience in this work does in fact hold water and weight and I would Love to be more a part of a world I helped pave.

All my Love and might to you, Meg xxo