Slowly, like an evolution, changes are reckoning here. Newsletter will emerge in process. With Love, Megan

Angels among Us 👼 xxo

Last we I begin a mini campaign "Angels among Us", selected goods that sales go to benefit more vulnerable populations.

By now you have seen me use the expression "Go into Darkness, Create Light" time and time again. For me this means a few things; in times of uncertainty we must create small certainties of our own, when we feel frozen in fear any small action to begin motion is vital.

To create certainty in this long expanse I have a daily list guide I entitled "small predictables". For one week I spent the first half of my day pouring porcelain into plaster mold for my angels. In the afternoon I took care of my plants and had simple choice of swim, jump on the trampoline or lay down and let my mind fade.

By the end of the week I had so many angels ready for firing and painting and my plants are happy.

When I am frozen in fear, and I admit I have been quite a bit. Fear for our world as we know it, what humanity will do, how it will behave, can I even help? Fearful that I could do nothing at all...

For that I created "Angels among Us 👼" where anywhere from 100% to 30% of sales are donated, this week it is to the United Farm Workers. I have felt incredibly humbled by the fresh food on my plate daily. Thinking of all the hands in the fields, the conditions environmentally and politically they face. They need masks, the need childcare and protection during this crisis just as much as any time.

"Go into Darkness, Create Light" also speaks to MEANING. Our life's purpose is not handed to us, it isn't earned or even found, it is created. We create our meaning in our responses to the world, we create it in how / what we feel about being here and with one another.

I hope you are healthy, I hope you are finding optimism and strength 🌞

Warmly always,