Wise Pearl

Wise Pearl

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The pearl reminds me to cherish that which is instigating discord in my being and to create meaning from it.

What makes a Pearl so special is a living being created it, it is one of the few gems considered "Organic", and created from irritant. Layer by layer the iridescent nacre is formed creating illustrious beauty from something of an annoyance.

What a wise little mollusk.

when i think of metaphysical properties, i consider what the mineral is made up of in its atomic structure, its crystalline formation… symbolically what do these things mean?
are they used in vitamins? or like a pearl is made of shared properties of our bones…

protection, self-reliance, integrity, evolutionary power… intimacy between beings, allure.

Lilac pearl, set in heavy fine silver carved with flowers and seaweeds. Crafted in smaller sizes to be worn on pinky, the Mercury finger... for commerce and communication.

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*rainbow band not for sale*