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 Hello Lovers of Light 🌞  I am still formatting and organizing the content I wish to share, please forgive the choppy and sparse layout for now, knowing there will be a future where I share more of my discoveries with you and have created the layout more lovely 🌸

Thrive Brightly Lovelies - Meg xxo



 PINK - 🎼 F, 388 Thz 

"Spirit Breath" 

Located above your body, above where a crown would sit. This area is where you connection to your spirit star is fulfilled. Highly associated with falling in Love, the color of artists and finery, empaths often present in Pink.


VIOLET - 🎼 E, 344 Thz

Aura of Visionary

With an exceptionally high frequency embodies a persuasion to change those around them. Often living a little beyond the body as a dreamer, a philosopher, a seer.


INDIGO - 🎼 Eb, 330 Thz

Clairvoyant Aura

An aura emanating from a highly developed mind, an ability of seeing into rare dimensions of cognition, true wisdom often embodying incredible integrity and generosity.


CYAN (BLUE) - 🎼 C#, 293 Thz

Intuitive Aura

A particular purity in this frequency, genuinely loves helping people, truthful and effective in communication. Blue auras are Yes! peopl and remain fluid and open to possibilities.


GREEN - 🎼 C, 256 Thz

Aura of a Natural Healer

Teachers and community good do-ers... tied authentically to compassion and kindness. This aura embodies an innate understanding of reciprocal healing.



YELLOW - 🎼 B, 241 Thz

Aura of Awakening

Experiencing a direct connection to the vibration of personal energy source, a dawning of light that will just begin to flow through further to to action and heart. This aura often indicates a strong will power and a playful spirit.


ORANGE - 🎼 A, 222 Thz

Vibration of Creation

In mind, spirit through body. This frequency is bound to our health and vitality, a pursuit of intellectual challenge, a science mind often resonated in this aura of change and creation.


RED - 🎼 G, 194, Thz

Aura of Actionary

Powerful, self sufficient, grounded, competitive.



In reading an energy field I look to see what your energy is *DOING with as much gravity as the color. By that I mean does it appear pooled up, are there open spaces, moving out? In? and so on. Energy is frequency and by definition frequency is motion.