Black women deserve better, Migrant workers deserve better. "Angels among Us" tab contains products which proceeds %'s are donated to organizations dedicated to their safety and health. All my greatest Love and resilience, Meg xxo

Optimism Sun pin

Optimism Sun pin

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Remember to Look Up, remember that it takes all colors to make a rainbow, remember you can worry about it tomorrow, remember rainbows are beautiful.

Remember a moment you felt joy and hold on to it tight, you will feel it again.

Optimism  in my view isn't a naïveté or senseless bliss in disregard of our worlds inherent injustices, weaknesses or cruelties.

Optimism is looking around at all possible solutions, lighting up where we created walls, breaking them down then lighting the path forward.

Optimism is recognition there will be a tomorrow and how we are able to construct greater and healthier outcomes.

This Optimism is what my Rainbow Sun means to me, why I create them in glass and why I created this pin. 

Optimism is "Go into Darkness, Create Light" - Love, Megan

Rainbow Sun, Gold outline.